I need more time!

Happy Sunday! Today is my Saturday so I probably enjoy my Sundays a little bit more than the next person. My Sundays usually consist of football and NC Pint Night at Flying Saucer. Today has been a little different, though.

I had book club at 1p today and then went to our football bar to watch the rest of the Packers game with JZ (they lost FYI). He had to come back to the house and finish up some work so I took the opportunity to do some homework. After doing about half my reading and note taking, I opened my laptop and got lost in the web, only to come out a few hour later more frustrated than before. To explain, here’s a little peek into my thoughts from this afternoon…

*Caution: this may cause confusion. I’m not responsible for any negative side effects from taking a trip through my brain. 🙂 *

It’s very much like a snowball. I started off by searching for a local bakery that one of the girls told me about at book club. We will call that Search 1 (S1). That turned into a search for all the local bakeries (S2). One bakery’s Facebook said something about a recent chocolate festival somewhere in Raleigh and I had to search for that to see when and where and why I hadn’t heard about it until after the fact (S3). That lead to a search for event sites that I can subscribe to so that I can get updates on events BEFORE they happen (S4). I found 5 websites that listed many events for the Triangle area and proceeded to search each sites listings (S5-10). Those searches lead to other searches for venues and venue websites and venue event calendars and groups and group calendars (S10-358,544,731 and so on). I’m sure you get the picture. Then, after all those searches, I went back to my original search of bakeries. The same thing happens with the next search and then I realize that I said to myself a few days ago that the next little bit of free time that I get I want to spend it researching whatever it was I wanted to research and that’s where the frustration begins because I realize that I just spend my entire day getting sucked into this one search and, if I had planned it better, I could used my time a bit better than I did. This is why I make lists, does that make sense now? Ugh.

Even if I had the time to do it, I know it would never get done. There will always be more… and that actually makes me pretty happy 🙂 Either way, I had to vent. The frustration has just about passed and now I’m on to the next search. Trying to get another in before we leave for the Saucer. G’night!


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