More energy but more pain.

I woke up this morning around 11a with a lot of pain on the left side of my mouth. This is the first time all week that the pain has been on that side so I was a little nervous about it. It seems like it’s just from my back tooth moving around a bit. Nothing seems to be wrong with the extraction site so that’s good! I iced it a little this morning, took some medicine, and spent about an hour or so laying around after the medicine kicked in.

I decided I felt a bit better so I got up and made some potato and leek soup. It turned out amazing and I ended up having two bowls! I’m hoping that will help my energy go up since that soup has more substance than most everything else I’ve eaten the past four days. The soup recipe came from another blog I found called Pinch My Salt. It was very easy to make and it’s full of simple ingredients, which is what I was looking for in this recipe since there really shouldn’t be much more than potatoes and leeks! Click here for the recipe. Instead of using Russet potatoes, I used new red potatoes from the Farmers’ Market. Now I have to find a recipe for Irish Soda Bread to have with it!

I have a few things on the agenda for today. It’s getting later in the day but I want to run to Target for a few things. Then I’m supposed to meet a friend for some dessert. I don’t want to push the foods too much so hopefully we can just get ice cream or something soft yet enjoyable šŸ™‚ A few more things to get done tonight and tomorrow around the house and I will feel better about going to work on Saturday. It’s just a bit frustrating how long this is taking! I thought I’d be fine by now but it seems like everything is happening as it should. Two of my three stitches have fallen out already and there are no issues with those sites so I’m really happy about that. Now for that trouble spot to go away!


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