Hellcats, Homework, and Homemade Salsa

Let me start off by saying I’m obsessed with good TV, or at least what I think is good. I’m super excited that new seasons of my favorite shows are starting. I watched a new series on The CW called Hellcats. It’s about a girl whose scholarship was denied and has to find a different way to get a scholarship so she can stay in pre-law. She’s a bit of a tough girl but her only “good” option is to try out for the cheerleading squad. There’s drama between a few girls mostly but it isn’t bad so far. I was pretty entertained throughout. That’s always a good sign that the show might be sticking around on my DVR for a while. Last season a few shows started off pretty entertaining, like Melrose Place, but got to be boring after about four or five episodes. One thing that does bother me about the show is that it seems to have a lot of similarities to One Tree Hill. Blonde, curly-haired bad girl, semi-stuck up brunette cheerleader, plus the two main male characters are from OTH. Either way, I’ll be watching the next episode.

Jason left today for Georgia for work. Yesterday, he started working on a homemade salsa recipe for canning that he got from his mom. It takes two days to finish because you let some of the mixed ingredients set overnight. So, when I got home tonight he had finished and some was left over in the fridge. I had to pull myself away from it. It is amazing. I’m excited to have so much left over for storage. This is our first adventure in canning and it’s got me quite motivated to do more, especially¬† healthy, ready-to-eat foods that are nice to have around all the time. Take a look at the goods! Yummmm!

I guess all this talk about food leads me to my homework, or discussion in my Safety and Sanitation class this morning. I have to learn about foodborne illnesses and the diseases that cause them. As some of you may know, I’m in school to become a pastry chef and want to open my own bakery one day. I’m becoming more and more focused on local foods and food sources and I want to incorporate that into my bakery, among other ideas. This morning’s class helped to reinforce that idea in my head a bit more. A lot of diseases that people get from eating at restaurants or eating a particular type of food at a restaurant comes from very easy to manage places. Buying from reputable suppliers is a big point of this lesson. I understand that large food operations must use suppliers that sell a variety of different foods. When you’re trying to feed thousands of people a day, it’s very hard to buy locally, which is fine for them. But the national standard of how much “bad stuff” can be in our food is not fine. The FDA has something they call the “Defect Levels Handbook”, which lists foods and the potential health hazards of the contaminates each food might contain such as animal excreta, mold, and insect particles. Some of this may be hard to regulate, yes, but how important is it to you to know what’s in your food? To me, it’s important to know but there isn’t much I can do about it on the large scale level. To my future patrons, it may not be as important but my bakery will be one less place to question. I suggest you check out the list here. It really is interesting and eye opening. Oh, FDA, just another reason I’m not sure I can trust you much longer. Don’t even get me started on the standards they have for school lunches. Another time, another post.

With all that said, I’m off to cuddle up in bed with The Help and hopefully get a good night’s rest before working early tomorrow. Yay for an unexpected early day! Maybe tomorrow night I can finally take care of a few major headaches around the house and, of course, get some more studying in.



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