Starting over.

After a few months hiatus from blogging of any sort, I hopped back on my WordPress account and was reminded of all my past… unchased opportunities.

I want to start a blog. A good blog. A blog that will be successful, and by successful I mean seeing it though till the end. It doesn’t have to be successful by anyone else’s standards but my own.

I’ve been blogging since I was much younger, since blogs first became popular on Back then I would write anything and everything I felt, said, and did. Well, not everything I did. It helped to have an outlet, some place where I felt like I was being heard. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve shaped my blog writing to be more about sharing “useful” information with others. Up until now those “useful” tidbits have been where to find a great pair of shoes or maybe a cute little kitchen gadget. They were more for me, though, since my memory is spotty and I really needed a place to write down those things I didn’t want to forget. I thought blogging about it would be a great way to remember and tell everyone so I didn’t have to tell them twice! It was really fun for a while, but then I started to feel the need to update often, even if I didn’t have any new information. It became stale, the blog and the act of blogging.

Now, I’m trying to find that balance between sharing the important stuff and over-sharing, like I used to do. I love blogging, well writing in general, but it is so hard for me to keep the separation between writing for myself and writing for the masses.

I decided to delete all of the previous posts I had on this particular blog of mine. I love the platform so I wanted to build on but the rest just didn’t fit. Hopefully this blog will become a bit like me, a little piece of who I am to share with whomever is listening. And, if I don’t give much thought to the content, such as  posting primarily about one subject like books or daily life or my baking adventures or my feelings, maybe this will turn out to be a bit like me: often silly, very passionate, sometimes spastic, and hopefully always happy.

I hope you all have a wonderful night. I just spent mine hanging out with my dad, watching Julie and Julia (yes, blog there, blog here), and having Crock Pot pork ribs YUM! Hopefully now I will finish the last two chapters I have of Body Surfing by Anita Shreve. Maybe that will be a topic of conversation tomorrow.



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